Ayyub Hanif, CEO
Strategic Director

Ayyub Hanif is an American Muslim entrepreneur, public speaker, and healthcare professional. Mr. Hanif specializes in social entrepreneurship and in bringing innovative projects to market. He has over 10 years experience in multimedia design and marketing. He is co-owner of Enspired voices, an entertainment firm that specializes in artist development and media creation.

Antar Hanif
Visual Director

Antar Hanif, AKA iamshooter, is one of the top commercial photographers in the market. He is known for his remarkable vision and ability to capture the shot every time.

Zebunnisa Mirza
Managing Editor

Zebunnisa has over ten years of experience in the Canadian broadcasting and publishing market. She channels her passion for fashion, style and travel through stories woven with photography and the written word. Although she is based in Toronto, she is usually seen travelling the world in search of art, architecture, design, fashion and an inspirational story. 

Sadiq Ali
Operations Director

Sadiq Ali, hails from Washington, DC and currently calls Baltimore, MD home.  Originally trained in Management & Organizational Behavior, earning both a Bachelor’s and MBA in these disciplines, he now finds solace in helping others find their own style and the starting block to becoming better versions of themselves.  He is a speaker, author, etiquette expert & founder of the Millionaire Manners Academy, a full-service personal development and lifestyle organization.  He prides himself on celebrating and exploring unique perspectives, while looking forward to everyone becoming more comfortable with the land of grey.